Now Playing Tracks - After seeing his recent Ayo? brothers’ featured videos and Boo’s BOSS victory, the current IGC2013 title holder knew he needed to step up his game.

With some sick morphs and unheard of transitions, Mumbles more than rises to the occasion for a show we won’t ever forget.

8X eLite Chroma
[8x Red (M), LightBlue (H), White (H), MintGreen (H)](Strobe)
8x Black eLite 3.0 Casings [TOPS]
8x Clear eLite 3.0 Casings [BOTTOMS]
8x Frosted Dome Diffusers

2x eLite Chroma
[White, Blank, Blank](Strobe)
2x Clear eLite 3.0 Casings
Slim Gloves

Track:Illmind - Double Cross Me

paniccam asked:

What are some good gloves for someone who has been gloving for few months?


My personal favorites are (in no particular order): Mimik, Boo, Mumbles, Trippz, Skidz, Sharky, Laftr, Abstrakt, Cire, Blitzen, Fry, Gambit, Beastboy, Tofu, Vision Quest, Stunna, Ice Kream Teddy, and SL4Y3R to name a bunch. 

-The CameraGuy

Whoops my bad, i read that wrong. 

a set of eZlite would be my goto for good beginner gloves set

They’re cheap, dont need to buy bulbs, comes with a nice variety of colors, and can go on and off incase you want to experiment with conjuring.  

-The CameraGuy


Anonymous asked:

Why are light shows mostly tuts nowadays? Can you giys do more old-school-esque videos?

It is not up to EmazingLights to decide how glovers perform their shows, its up the the glover to decide how he or she wants to do their show. Alot of Dancers and tutters are now just getting into the light show game its only natural that they are going to do what they know first. Give the new generation of light shows some time to grow, enjoy all the tutting while its still hot. ;3

 EmazingLights was born in sunny Southern California and we are always proud to show off our beautiful state. Check out this epic video from [PM][FML] Rhapsode and learn a thing or two about flow and creativity. Enjoy!

and incase your wondering Rhapsode is using a full eLite Oracle microlight set. Black top and clear bottom eLite 3.0 casings with Clear Dome Diffusers in side of Slim Gloves ;P

Color Set info:
4x Blue, Silver, Blank(Strobe) (Index & Ring)
4x Blue, Blank, Blank (Blink-E) (Pinkies & Thumbs)
2x Cyan, WarmWhite, Blank (Strobe) (Middle)

Song is by The Neighbourhood - West Coast

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